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We have launched a sweet pie!

February being the month of love, we bring you our Apple and Special Cranberries Sweet pie! Warm with custard or ice cream? what’s your favourite accompaniment? ours is custard AND ice cream haha!
We use British Bramley apples and a special cranberry jelly made with junipers and ruby port in our deep filled pies.  Our pastry is made from organically sourced and untreated flour from Shipton Mill, organic fair trade coconut oil from Suma wholefoods who are a 100% vegetarian wholefoods co-operative and fair trade soft brown unrefined sugar. So no palm oil in our pastry.
We source the Special Cranberry jelly from a small local business, the local legend which is Chilli Bobs.
To coincide with the month of Love we have also launched ‘With Love’ hampers which feature these at their heart :0)

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